Peter Bentsen

Team Leader & Senior Researcher, PhD & MSc
Diabetes Prevention Research, Health Promotion


Phone: +45 30 91 28 71

Research area

My research and related intervention projects are quite broad and cross-disciplinary, but has generally focused on ‘people, places, pedagogies’ in relation to children’s and young people’s health, well-being and education in the interface between the health, social and human sciences . Currently, my main research areas and foci are:

1. Prevention of diabetes and other non-communicable diseases in a life-course perspective
Research has shown how risk for NCDs is gradually cumulated during the life-course. This broader perspective is essential for health promotion and the development of interventions as a guide for where to intervene and as a reminder of the long chains of causality.                                                                            

2. Development and  evaluation of ‘real-world’ complex health and education interventions
Based on thorough research, my focus is to systematically develop, evaluate, and implement effective and sustainable interventions, programmes, and pedagogies in different settings of children’s and young people’s everyday life, e.g. schools, green spaces, museums, and local communities. 

3. Health Promotion & Education
I focus on a combination of health promotion and educational research with a primarily focus on children’s and young people’s health, well-being and education in schools and local communities. Health and education are interdependent: what influences one influences the other. For example, well-educated children live healthier lives, while healthy children are better able to learn. Therefore, there  may be huge potential in integrating and aligning health promotion with school’s main goals and objectives in a way that they are not perceived as an ‘add-on’ but rather as ‘add-in’.

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