Peter Rossing

​Research leader, professor, DMSc, MD
Complications Research


Phone: +45 30 91 33 83

Research area

Diabetic late complications focusing on micro- and macrovascular complications of the kidney and cardiovascular system, but also diabetic nerve damage, foot ulcers etc. New biomarkers of early signs of risk of developing diabetic complications. Clinical trials with new treatments that may be promising for the prevention and treatment of diabetic complications, especially kidney disease.

Current research


Purpose: Individualized treatment and prevention of diabetic kidney disease.
Partners: NovoNordisk Fonden, Joslin Diabetes Center (USA), University Medical Center Groningen (Netherlands), Public Health Helsinki (Finland).
Coordinator of the project trying to bring personalized medicine into the treatment and prevention of diabetic kidney disease. Including various sub-studies ROTATE, Hyponaut, Astronaut, Butyful, PROFOS.

PERL and follow-up PERLage

Purpose: Allopurinol treatment to prevent diabetic kidney disease in type 1 diabetes.
Partners: Joslin Diabetes Center (USA), NIDDK, JDRF and a number of North American universities.


Aim to investigate the effect of GLP1 agonist therapy on aortic vasculitis
Partners Rigshospitalet (Clinical Physiology) sponsor Novo Nordisk A / S

DiaHeart and Rubin

Purpose: cardiac PET scans of type 1 and 2 diabetes patients with varying degrees of kidney disease
Collaboration partners Rigshospitalet (Clinical Physiology), Hospitals in Holbæk, Køge and Nykøbing F


Objective: To investigate the 3D ultrasound of carotid arteries in people with type 2 diabetes and the relationship between signs of atherosclerosis and coagulation disorders
Partners: Vascular Surgery Department of the Rigshospitalet


Objective: to investigate whether kidney biopsies can help better understand and treat diabetic kidney disease
Collaboration partners: renal medicine departments HGH, Roskilde and Rigshospitalet


Objective: Modeling the course of diabetic kidney disease based on data from previous studies to improve the possibility of assessing the risk of renal impairment
Partners: Univ Innsbruck and Vienna Austria, Israel, the Netherlands and Germany

Member of steering groups for the clinical phase 3 trials Figaro, Fidelio, DAPA-CKD, FLOW

Chairman Danish Diabetes Register

Responsible editor