Pil Lindgren

Post doc, PhD, MScN, RN
Diabetes Management Research, Health Promotion


E-mail: Pil.lindgreen@regionh.dk
Phone +45 20 52 91 18

Research area

1. Psychosocial support for people with diabetes: Exploring the psychosocial support needs in people with diabetes, including the development and testing of support tools, such as interventions and technology.

2. Digital self-monitoring in treatment: Exploring the impact of digital self-monitoring, for instance using smartphone apps, on patient and clinician treatment experiences and the patient-clinician collaboration.

Current research

1. Developing, implementing and evaluating a diabetes distress intervention for people with type 2 diabetes

Aim: To develop, implement and evaluate a diabetes distress program for people with type 2 diabetes including:
- Procedures for systematic screening for diabetes distress in primary and secondary sector.
- Procedures ensuring referral of people with type 2 diabetes to a diabetes distress intervention.
- A stepped-care diabetes distress intervention.
The program will be co-created with people with type 2 diabetes and their relatives/significant others, health care professionals, and other stakeholders.

Collaborators: Steno Diabetes Center Sjælland, University of Copenhagen, General Practitioners and community health providers in the Holbæk area, and the University of California, San Francisco.

2. iPDM-Go (integrated Personalized Diabetes Management on the Go)

Aim: To develop and test s digital platform facilitating the communication between people with type 2 diabetes and General Practitioners.

Collaborators: Roche, Center for Diabetes, Technical University of Denmark, and University of Copenhagen.

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