Regitze Anne Saurbrey Pals

​Postdoc, PhD
Diabetes Management Research

​Research area

I have a background in public health science. My research focuses on psychosocial aspects of diabetes, particularly:

  • Experiences and perceptions of diabetes and psychosocial support: I explore the social, psychological, and cultural conditions of living with diabetes as well as encounters between people with diabetes and health professionals. 
  • Participatory intervention research: I draw on participatory approaches such as workshops and dialogue tools to actively involve people with diabetes, their family members and professionals in developing and evaluating methods for psychosocial support. 

Current research

Diabetes distress interventions targeting people with type 2 diabetes in a municipal setting.
Aim: to develop and test interventions to detect, prevent and reduce diabetes distress in people with type 2 diabetes. 
Collaborators: Center for Diabetes and Center for Mental Health, Municipality of Copenhagen.​

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