Rikke Dalgaard Hartmeyer

Postdoc, PhD, MSc
Diabetes Prevention Research


E-mail: rikke.dalgaard.hartmeyer@regionh.dk
Phone +45 28 24 48 37

Research area

Intervention research:
  • Development, implementation and evaluation of complex interventions

  • Development of program theories and evaluation designs as well as monitoring and realistic evaluation of complex interventions

  • The health of families with children: Research into the promotion of mental, social and physical health among family members based on a family to family approach, using social platforms as well as joint activities in nature

Current research

Nature Families 

The aim is to promote well-being, strengthened social relations and physical activity among families with children (0-12 years old) through activities in nature settings.

Nature Families is a collaborative project including Danish Society of Nature Conservation (DN). The project combines SHPR’s research competences and DN’s know-how from the field to reach families with children in Denmark. DN is responsible for the development and implementation of the intervention and SHPR is responsible for the evaluation.  
Funding period: 2018-2022.

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