Sine Grønborg Knudsen

Special consultant, PhD
Diabetes Management Research,
Team: Equity and Diabetes 


Phone: +45 
29 67 73 30

Research area

  • Health political strategies and modes of government: I explore how people with chronic disease are governed and govern themselves in the health system. I am particularly interested in health promoting strategies and lifestyle interventions and the ways in which these are linked to government and health politics.

  • Equity in health care: I explore how access and benefit of health care can be improved for people with long term chronic illness. My research interests include the encounters between the system, professionals and citizens, and how these encounters influence health equity.

Current research

Healthy together: Diabetes and multimorbidity on Bornholm (SDMB)

Aim: To increase access to care and preventive health activities for people with type 2-diabetes and multimorbidity by developing, evaluating and implementing a cross-sectorial intervention on Bornholm.

Collaboration partners: Bornholm Hospital, General Practice Bornholm, Bornholm Region Municipality, The Danish Diabetes Association (local Bornholm branch). 

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