Vibeke Stenov

Post Doc Researcher, PhD, MA (Communication and Psychology studies), RN
Diabetes Management Research, Health Promotion



Research area

Diabetes education and support:
Psychological, behavioral, and educational diabetes care aiming at developing and evaluating complex interventions targeting healthcare professionals as well as supporting adults with diabetes.

Development of new methods:
Promoting and measuring user-involvement in self-management education. Moreover, to develop and test innovative, methods, models, and dialog tools:

  • to support adults with diabetes self-management skills and improve their quality of life.
  • to support communication between healthcare professionals and adults with diabetes as well as among peers participating in group-based diabetes education and support.
  • to support the training of healthcare professional’s communication skills in group-based diabetes self-management education and support.

Research methods:
Drawing on user-driven innovation such as action research, design-based research, and theory driven evaluation. This has involved the target groups in the research processes.

Current research

1. Peer-support game
Aim: Develop and test a nondigital board game to support user involvement, sharing of knowledge, and peer-support among adults with type 2 diabetes
Collaborators: Copenhagen Game Lab and municipalities across the Capital Region in Denmark

2. DEPSY (The effect of tailored Diabetes Education to nurses in PSYchiatry)
Aim: To develop patient reported outcomes measures to evaluate a patient education program targeting people with diabetes and mental illness in collaboration with Education at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

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