King's College Hospitals erfaringer med en tværfaglig tilgang til den diabetiske fod

​Steno Rounds den 22. marts 2018 med læge Prashanth Vas fra King's College Hospital i London. Foredraget er på engelsk.

 Foredraget i videoen er på engelsk, og derfor er nedenstående beskrivelse også på engelsk.

King’s experience on the multidisciplinary approach to the diabetic foot

By Dr. Prashanth Vas, Department of Diabetes/Diabetic Foot, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The patient with a diabetic foot is extremely complex and vulnerable with three great pathologies coming together in the diabetic foot: neuropathy, ischaemia and infection. As a result of neuropathy, recognition of ulceration can be delayed. Presence of ischaemia further complicates the milieu and development of infection could lead to rapid deterioration and end-stage of tissue damage can be quickly reached.

Thus, the window of opportunity for intervention is limited and is often missed. Such a vulnerability of the diabetic foot patient can be successfully managed by the development of a multidisciplinary diabetic foot team which provides prompt care in a diabetic foot clinic environment.

The King’s Diabetes Foot Clinic, first of such units in the United Kingdom, recently celebrated thirty-five years since inception and had now developed in a large tertiary care unit offering high quality outpatient and inpatient care for diabetic foot related limb-salvage.

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