Ph.d. - afhandlinger

1. Nicklas Järvelä Johansen. Treatment with short-acting GLP-1 receptor agonism in type 1 diabetes: the MAG1C trial. 
18. august 2020

2. Maria Overvad. Diabetes complications in Greenland: CVD and diabetic kidney disease in a unique genetic population.
28.august 2020.

3. Alexander Christensen. Incretin-based therapy as add-on to sulfonylurea in patients with hepatocyte nuclear factor 1-alpha diabetes.
7. september.2020.

4. Helle Nergaard Grønbæk: When motivation is not enough - Psychological aspects of family treatment of childhood obesity
9.. oktober 2020.

5. Jessica Bengtsson: Childhood adversities and type 1 diabetes risk
30. oktober 2020

6. Isabelle Isa Kristin Steineck: Insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring in type 1 diabetes. 
13. november 2020.

7. Signe Abitz Winther: Gut microbiota and derived metabolites in micro- and macro vascular complications of diabetes.
30. november 2020.


Ph.d. - afhandlinger

1. Lasse Bjerg. Clustering of microvascular complications in type 1 diabetes. Aarhus Universitet.
16. januar 2019

2. Hanin Amidid. Which physical activity patternes prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease in people with elevated diabetes risk?
21. juni 2019



1. Bernt Johan von Scholten. Cardiovascular risk stratification and renal effects of weight loss and GLP-1 receptor agonism in type 2 diabetes.
Københavns Universitet.
14. maj 2018


Ph.d.- afhandlinger

1. Pernille Falberg Rønn. Obesity-associated cardiometabolic risk: the influence of ethnicity.
5. januar 2018

2. Jens Øllgaard. Long-term Metabolic Memory for Micro-and Macrovascular Complications in Type 2-diabetes. STENO-2: monitoring of well-defined endpoints 12 years after end of 7.8 years of intensive, multifactorial treatment.
2. februar 2018

3. Narges Safai. Personalized treatment of type 2 diabetes using clinical and metabolomics data.
Københavns Universitet.
27. februar 2018

4. Tina Jorsal. An enteroendocrine perspective on type 2 diabetes and obesity
Københavns Universitet
8. marts 2018

5.Sascha Pilemann-Lyberg. Uric Acid and its role in diabetic nephropathy and cardiovascular disease in patients with type 1 diabetes.
Aarhus Universitet.
5. april 2018

6. Ulla Møller Hansen. Between a rock and a hard place. The psychosocial burden of type 1 diabetes in work life: Conceptualization, measurement, and consequences.
Syddansk Universitet.
14. maj 2018

7. Natasja Kingod. THE TINKERING M-PATIENT:An (Auto-)Praxiographic Study of Attuning to a Life with Type 1 Diabetes through Online and Offline Support.
Københavns Universitet.
16. maj 2018

8. Vibeke Stenov.  Person-centered methods in group-based diabetes education - An intervention study investigating, developing, and implementing new approaches.
Københavns Universitet
4. juni 2018.

9. Lene Munch.Risk stratification of a population with type 2 diabetes and shared care management of patients with intermediate risk across the primary and secondary health care sectors.
Københavns Universitet
28. september 2018