Primary objective 

To evaluate inter-and intra-observer variation as well as day-to-day reproducibility, the effect of food intake, coffee consumption, smoking and examination of the left versus right side of the tongue on the endothelial perfused boundary region.

Secondary objective 

Secondary endpoints are the effect of above on total and perfused capillary density.

Design and method

Open-labelled randomised study. Two visits maximally one week apart. Randomised to smoking vs. non-smoking first day and drinking coffee vs. high calorie meal on the second day.

Target group

Healthy smokers.

Expected ending and outcome

The measured parameters of the micro circulation with the GlycoCheck© will not be influenced by the person performing the measurement nor on the day of the execution or the side of the tongue measured upon. However, the parameters are expected to be influenced by smoking, coffee consumption and intake of a high-calorie meal. 

Sponsor/ principal investigator

Peter Rossing, Professor, MD, DMSc