ADA 2017

American Diabetes Association
77th Annual Congress 2017
9. - 13. juni 2017, San Diego, CA , USA

Oral presentations
Rossing Peter: Results of the JDRF Reducing with Metformin Vascular Adverse Lesions in Type 1 Diabetes (REMOVAL) International Multicenter Trial

Poster presentations

Færch K., Witte DR., Tabak A., Brunner E., Kivimäki M., Jørgensen ME., Ekelund U., Vistisen D.: Heterogeneity in the effect of physical activity on regression to normal glucose tolerance in individuals with pre-diabetes: The Whitehall II Study. 

Vistisen D., Witte DR., Brunner E., Kivimäki M., Tabak A., Jørgensen ME., Færch K: Higher incidence of cardiovascular disease and mortality in pre-diabetic individuals diagnosed by HbA1c than by fasting glucose: The Whitehall II study

Wibaek R., Kæstel P., Girma T., Admassu B., Abera M., Michaelsen K.F., Jørgensen M.E., Vistisen D., Wells J.C.K., Friis H., Andersen G.S.: Accelerated Fat Growth in Infancy Is Associated with Blood Pressure at 4 Years of Age

Suvitaival T., Safai N., Ali A., Spégel P., Al-Majdoub M., Carstensen B., Vestergaard H., Ridderstråle M., The CIMT Trial Group: Metabolomic Changes During the 18-Month Copenhagen Insulin and Metformin Therapy (CIMT) Trial

Birkeland K., Jørgensen M.E., Carstensen B., Gulseth H.L., Thuresson M., Fenici P., Bodegard J., Norhammar A: SGLT-2i is associated with lower risk of mortality and heart failure compared to other glucose lowering drugs: a three-country analysis

Dejgaard TF., Frandsen CS., Johansen NJ., Jørgensen NR., Knop FK., Madsbad S., Andersen HU: Liraglutide-induced Weight Loss does not Compromise Bone Mineral Density or Markers of Bone Turnover in Overweight Patients with Type 1 Diabetes

Frandsen Christian S., Schmidt Signe, Dejgaard Thomas F., Halldorsson thorhallur I., Olsen Sjudur F., Jensen, Jens-Erik B., Vistisen Dorte, Madsbad Sten, Andersen Henrik U., Nørgaard Kirsten: Effects of Liraglutide on Body Composition and Food Preferences in Type 1 Diabetes

Scmidt Signe, Dejgaard Thomas F., Frandsen Christian S., Vistisen Dorte, Madsbad Sten, Andersen Henrik U., Noergaard Kirsten: Changes in Insulin Dosing Induced by Adding Liraglutide to Insulin Pump Treatment in Type 1 Diabetes

Dejgaard Thomas F., Frandsen Christian S. Schmidt Signe Vistisen Dorte, Madsbad Steno, Andersen Henrik U., Nørgaard Kirsten: Efficacy and Safety of Liraglutide in Insulin Pump treated People with Type 1 Diabetes: The Lira Pump Trial.