ADA 2015

American Diabetes Association
4. -8. juni 2015, Boston, USA

Orale præsentationer
1. Thomas Fremming Dejgaard, 277-OR, Monday Jun 8, 8.30am, Oral Session, Update on GLP-1 Receptor Agonists, Monday Jun 8, 2015 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM Efficacy and Safety of Liraglutide Added to Insulin in Type 1 Diabetes: The Lira-1 Trial

. Number:  1492-P
Category 09-A Epidemiology–Cardiovascular Disease.
Tour: Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetes
Incidence of Cardiovascular Disease and All-Cause Mortality in Subtypes of Type 2 Diabetes
Dorte Vistisen, Daniel R. Witte, Adam G. Tabák, Eric J. Brunner, Mika Kivimäki, Kristine Færch

2. Number: 753-P
Category: 07 Diabetes Education
Tour: Evaluating and Utilizing a Variety of Tools for Diabetes Management
The Effectiveness of Using Dialogue Tools in Diabetes Education
Kasper Olesen, Regitze AS Pals


1. Number:  640-P
Session:  category 05 Complications–Neuropathy
Vitamin B12 deficiency is associated with cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy with type 2 diabetes 
Christian Stevns Hansen, Martin Ridderstråle, Jesper Fleischer, Dorte Vistisen, Marit E. Jørgensen

2. Number:  1661-P
 Session: 09-E Epidemiology–Other
The Temporal Relationship between Diagnosis with Diabetes and Development of Depression: A Registry-based Analysis of the Working-Age Population in Denmark 1996-201
Bryan Cleal, Ulrik Haagen Nielsen, Ingrid Willaing & Richard Holt

3. Number:  2227-P
 Session: 19-B Obesity–Human
Relationships between Markers of Total and Visceral Fat Mass and Gold Standard Body Composition Assessments in the EMPA-REG H2H SU Trial
Ian J. Neeland, Darren McGuire, Bjørn Elisasson, Martin Ridderstråle, Cordula Zeller, Hans-Juergen Woerle, Uli C Broedl, Odd Erik Johansen

4. Number:  1315-P
Session: 01-F Clinical Therapeutics/New Technology–Pharmacologic Treatment of Complications
Pharmacological Treatment Changes in 4,143 Patients with Dysregulated Diabetes Referred to a Tertiary Diabetes Center
Narges Safai and Martin Ridderstråle

5.  Number:  1540-P
Session: 09-B Epidemiology–Clinical–Diagnosis and Screening
10-year diabetes incidence among individuals participating in a diabetes screening program: The ADDITION-DK study
Nanna B. Johansen, Signe S. Rasmussen, Annelli Sandbæk, Torsten Lauritzen, Knut Borch-Johnsen, Daniel R. Witte, Marit E. Jørgensen

6. Number:  2216-P
Session: 19-B Obesity–Hum
Differential effect of weight loss on altered metabolite levels and response to a glucose load in pre-diabetic obese individual
Nina Geidenstam, Anders PH Danielsson, Peter Spégel, Martin Ridderstråle

7. Number:  607-P
Session: 04B Complications-Nephropathy-Clinical and Translational Research
The effect of 1 year sensor augmented insulin pump treatment in type 1 diabetes: a randomized controlled trial
Signe Rosenlund, Tine Willum Hansen, Steen Andersen, Peter Rossing

Publication only

1. Number: 2545-PO
Category: 01-C Clinical Therapeutics/New Technology–Insulin Delivery Systems.
Cost Savings Associated with CSII Therapy Compared with MDI in a Danish Setting
Ann-Sofie Brandt, Simona de Portu, Martin Ridderstråle