HEPA 2016

Queen's University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 28 - 30 September 2016

Oral presentations

1. Dimensions of Physical activity and sedentary time in identification of risk group for future type 2 diabetes: a decision tree analysis within the ADDITION-PRO cohort
Hanan Amadid

2. Developing Communities of Practice’s as an innovative approach to address physical inactivity among socially disadvantaged groups in deprived neighbourhoods in Denmark
Charlotte Demant Klinker

3. The TEACHOUT project: a quasi-experimental cross-disciplinary study of the impacts of education outside the classroom on pupil’s physical activity, well-being and learning
Peter Bentsen

4. Boys participating in Education Outside the Classroom are more physically active
Mikkel Bo Schneller

Poster presentations

5. A school excursion to a museum can promote physical activity behaviour in children by integrating movement in curricular activities
Peter Bentsen

6. Heterogeneity in fitness response to a self-selected lifestyle intervention in high-risk individuals
Kristine Færch