​Oversigt med beskrivelser af aktuelle forskningsprojeter i forskningsgruppen Diabetes Forebyggelsesforskning. Beskrivelserne er på engelsk.

ASPHALT is a research project and an intervention developed in collaboration between the non-profit organisation GAME and Health Promotion Research at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen.
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Cities Changing Diabetes
Cities Changing Diabetes (CCD) is an international programme addressing the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes in urban settings in major cities around the world, including Copenhagen, Houston, Johannesburg, Mexico City, Rome, Shanghai, Tianjin, Vancouver and Xiamen.
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The FACE-IT research programme aims to increase quality of life and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes among women with prior gestational diabetes and their families.
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Health and Local Community (SoL)
Project SoL is a series of interrelated initiatives that are all based on the supersetting approach to mobilise local communities for public health and social action.
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Health Promotion at Vocational Schools (2017-2021) - pilot study 2017-2018
This project investigates how vocational schools work with health promotion and aims to determine effective and feasible ways to promote better health among vocational school students.

HEPCOM - Promoting Healthy eating and physical activity in schools and local communities
This EU project aims at preventing overweight among children and young people by consolidating, providing access to and scalling up best practices from previous European school and community health promotion interventions.
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The JOM MAMA project explores the potential of pre-conception obesity prevention and health promotion among young couples in Malaysia.
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Using cross-cultural encounters as a means of health promotion among primary school students – the Move Eat Learn (MEL) project.
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New approaches to health promotion in deprived neighbourhoods (2017-2017)
This project investigates the development and implementation of health promotion activities in deprived neighbourhoods.

​The PULSE project was a research-based, action-oriented exhibition-development project that took place at a science centre in Copenhagen called Experimentarium.
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​TEACH-OUT: A quasi-experimental cross-disciplinary evaluation of the impacts of education outside the classroom on pupils' physical activity, well-being and learning.
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We Act – Together for Health
We Act is a development and research project on a health promoting school intervention implemented in four Danish public schools with four control schools. The educational programs IMOVE, IEAT and vision & Action were used.
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