Ingrid Willaing

Principal Investigator
Diabetes Management Forskning, Sundhedsfremme



  Tlf. +45 30 91 34 03



Research area
My interest in patient education research and practice comes from a wide experience in health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation in relation to chronic disease. I have worked with health promotion in the area of heart disease on a national and an international basis together with municipalities, regions, NGOs, policy makers and researchers. Significant to my research over the years is also health services research, including health technology assessments, studies of health care professionals, patients and persons at risk of chronic illness.

My research, scientific publications and lecture activity is now focused on diabetes patient education and support. I have a special interest in developing and utilizing research methods that provide a voice for the patients and involve patients in their care and education as well as in research processes. Patient and family perspectives on diabetes education and support are primary research areas.

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