Introduction to the Florishing Treatment Approach

​SDCC og Center for HR har inviteret Riva Greenberg til en workshop, der vil tage udgangspunkt i "the Flourishing Treatment Approach", der er en metode til at håndtere diabetes eller anden kronisk sygdom.

Tidspunkt Ikon
Dato: 31-10-2018
Tid: 11:15 - 15:00

​Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen,
Lokale NSKS.05
Niels Steensens Vej 6
2820 Gentofte


​Tilmeldingsfrist den 3. oktober 2018 via link i kursusportalen.

​Indhold i workshop

‘How do we involve patients more in their education and care?' is on everyone’s mind. Yet, this may not be the right question to ask. There may actually be a more powerful question, one that takes into account the fact that human beings have an innate capability to adapt and be resilient particularly in the face of adversity and living with a chronic condition like diabetes.
Purpose of the workshop: Introduce participants to the Flourishing Treatment Approach.
This presentation shares a new treatment approach that will introduce you to the question we should be asking, why, and how to answer it. Also shared will be the underlying science that informs this approach and the practices you can use to help patients not just cope with diabetes but flourish.
In the workshop you will practice tools in this treatment approach. You will gain a practical understanding of these tools and a set of new skills so that you can help people with a diabetes flourish and increase your own work satisfaction.

Facilitator of the workshop:

Riva Greenberg, Certified Health Coach, Diabetes Advocate, Author, Columnist, New York. Riva has been living with type 1 diabetes for 46 years and uses both her own experiences and the latest insights from science in her professional work.

Praktisk information:

Foredrag og workshop afholdes på engelsk.


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