Presentation of Diabetes Technology Research

​Diabetes Technology Research group develops person centered, evidence-based treatment concepts for immediate implementation, to create value for persons living with diabetes. In our research, we include a broad spectrum of technological solutions.

​Optimizing glucose levels is crucial in the strive against personal and societal expenses due to the diabetes. Blood glucose management optimization should always take place in accordance with life quality and the risk of hypoglycemia on an individual level, and in that context, diabetes technologies are valuable tools. 

In Diabetes Technology, we perform clinical research with special focus on type 1 diabetes, but also within type 2 diabetes. Our projects cover the development and tryout of new technologies as well as testing existing treatment concepts in new target groups. Our research area is in constant development concurrently with technological advances.

Strategic focus

Our vision is to improve and develop glucose management strategies, prevent the development of diabetes complications and secure optimal quality of life in people with diabetes using technologies, which in line with the general strategy of SDCC. We have the following strategic goals:

  • To optimize glucose management in people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes through use of technologies in collaboration with leading national and international research groups and industrial partners.
  • To maintain our position as one of the leading research groups worldwide within the field of diabetes technology.

Diabetes Technology was established in 2009 by MD, DMSc Kirsten Nørgaard. Over the years, the group has established collaborations with several academic and industrial partners worldwide. The group is still expanding and is currently composed by three post-doctoral fellows, two PhD students and researchers on specific projects.

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