Children, Young People, Families and Diabetes

Health promotion research and development focusing on children, young people and their families – in life with diabetes or obesity.

​Research field

Focusing on our two primary target groups; children and young people with diabetes and children and young people with obesity, we explore ways to highlight and generate genuine and mutual family involvement and/or involvement of other close relations. 

We do this by focusing our research on the following settings and thematic fields: Everyday life, the clinic/healthcare systems, school and kindergarten, health technologies and social contexts.

We are an interdisciplinary team using a broad spectrum of methods and approaches: Theory-development, intervention-development, involvement, needs assessment, evaluation, questionnaires, workshops, interviews and observational studies. In other words; we employ the method(s) that are most appropriate for the specific target group in any given setting.

To inform and elaborate our research we work with numerous theories and concepts from different research traditions. Among many others we have experience working with Identity, systems theory, involvement, quality of life, equality, authenticity, life course, context, stigma and autonomy. At the core of our work with theories and concepts lies a fundamental ambition to always contribute an element of conceptual and theoretical development.

Strategic focus

The aim is to improve the management of illness and/or health in families with children or young people with diabetes or obesity.

Research projects

  • KIDS: National study of municipal support for diabetes in school and kindergarten.
  • Solglimt: Study of care practices and everyday life in a residential care home for young people with diabetes

  • SDCC pediatric clinic: needs assessment, development and evaluation.

  • Care in transition: Experiences of care and support among pre-teens with type 1 diabetes and their families. (PhD-project)

  • FAmily Intervention Research(FAIR): Prevention and treatment of childhood obesity. (PhD-project)

  • Giving Young Children a Voice: Understanding young children's experiences and need for support. (Ph.d.-project)

  • Identity and social relations among young people with type 1 diabetes. (PhD-project).

Presentation of staff

Dan Grabowski (team leader)
Louise Norman Jespersen
Didde Høeg
Regitze Anne Saurbrey Pals
Patricia Enebær Irene DeCosta
Marianne Vie Ingersgaard Jørgensen
Lise Bro Johansen
Sana Hussein (student worker)
Julie Meldgaard Petersen (student worker)

Responsible editor