Dan Grabowski

Senior Researcher, Team Leader, PhD
Diabetes Management Research
Team: Children, young people and families and diabetes


E-mail: dan.grabowski@regionh.dk
Phone +45 4033 9019

Research areas

Children and Young People with Diabetes:

Sociological/Psychosocial studies of everyday life with type 1 diabetes.

Family Sociology:

Studies of family dynamics and of how to create constructive involvement in families living with chronic disease and/or obesity.

Identity research:

Studies of health identities and illness identities among children, young people and families.

Intervention development and research:

Development of interventions to promote positive disease management and quality of life among children, young people and families living with diabetes or obesity.

Design-based research:

Co-creation of new interventions, dialogue tools, methods and general approaches to help and support children, young people and families as well as the healthcare professionals working with them.

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