Julie Hellesøe Christensen

Industrial PhD student, MSc
Diabetes Prevention Research
Team: Children & Youth


E-mail: Julie.hellesoee.christensen@regionh.dk
Phone: +45 53 87 73 63

Research area

Qualitative research in relation to the development and evaluation of health promoting programmes for children and youth in complex settings, with a primary focus on physical activity and social relations.

Peer-to-peer approaches to health promotion with children and youth.

Current research


In 2018-2020 the purpose was to further develop a programme implemented by the street sports organisation, GAME. The development process focused on GAME’s youth-led activities in underserved neighbourhoods, particularly a volunteer education, programme structure and partnerships.
In 2021-2023, a process evaluation and impact evaluation of GAME’s programme will be conducted.

Partners: GAME, University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark.

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