Saiqa Yasmeen

Translational Type 1 Diabetes Research


Phone: +45 27468627

Research area

Endothelial dysfunction is a preliminary marker for diabetes and hypertension and both are risk factors for stroke. My research explores enzymes regulating signaling molecules which preserve the integrity of the vascular endothelium of which modulation may improve endothelial function and cerebral blood perfusion.

Cerebral cellular model

Interplay between genetic regulators (microRNAs) and signaling molecules is investigated to highlight possible markers for monitoring disease progression/treatment.

Current research

Modulation of cerebral endothelial function- a new target in stroke treatment?

Aim: The aim is to get better disease staging and treatment for patients in high risk group for getting stroke and also improve the vessel function to prevent recurrent strokes in the smallest vessels of the brain. 
Collaborators: Christina R Kruuse, Birger Brodin Larsen

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