Tina Fløyel

Type 1 Diabetes Biology


E-mail: Tina.floeyel@regionh.dk
Phone: +45 22 15 55 96

Research area

To investigate type 1 diabetes (T1D) candidate genes in relation to beta cell function and to unravel their role in disease pathogenesis, with particular focus on the cathepsin protease family. The function of candidate genes in pancreatic beta cells is evaluated by knockdown and overexpression experiments.

Current research

1. Cathepsins and T1D
Aim: To characterize the cathepsin proteases in beta cells and immune cells and to understand their implication in T1D development.
Collaborators: DL Eizirik

2. Cathepsin H and beta cell function
Aim: To elucidate the mechanisms underlying the protective effect of cathepsin H on beta cell function
Collaborators: DL Eizirik, T Reinheckel

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