Cities Changing Diabetes

​Cities Changing Diabetes (CCD) is an international programme addressing the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes in urban settings in major cities around the world, including Copenhagen, Houston, Johannesburg, Mexico City, Rome, Shanghai, Tianjin, Vancouver and Xiamen.

Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen is a founding partner of the programme together with Novo Nordisk A/S and University College London. SDCC has several supportive functions within the global programme including coordination of the Community Action Research (CAR) network emphasising participation and co-creation of citizens and professional stakeholders in research and development for social change, health promotion and diabetes prevention.


SDCC is also a local CCD partner in the city of Copenhagen together with the Municipality of Copenhagen, University of Copenhagen, Danish Diabetes Association and Novo Nordisk A/S.

SDCC is a member of the working group and steering committee of CCD in Copenhagen and the coordinating partner of the comprehensive intervention-based initiative of Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes.


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