Health Promotion at Vocational Schools

​This project investigates how vocational schools work with health promotion and aims to determine effective and feasible ways to promote better health among vocational school students.

The targeted group for this project is youth at vocational schools. These students are a vulnerable group with many health challenges, despite their young age. Health promotion among this group has the potential to postpone or prevent the onset of Type 2 Diabetes or other non-communicable diseases. 


The overall aim of the project is to develop, test and implement effective health promotion initiatives in vocational schools leading to more healthy students.

The aim of the pilot study phase is to gain knowledge of the context, map existing knowledge and practice, and to test novel methods to health promotion at the schools based on participation and involvement of students and staff.

This is achieved through a number of separate but coordinated sub-studies:

  • A national survey on health promotion and capacity at vocation schools (link til rapport: Danske erhvervsskolers sundhedsfremmende indsatser
    - og implementeringskapacitet)
  • A rapid review on effective health promotion initiatives (smoking reduction or smoking cessation) in vocational schools
  •  Differences between vocational schools with a positive attitude and approach to smoke-free- school day versus school who are not – a mixed methods study


Danish Heart Foundation

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