PERLage - PERL follow up study

​PERLage is the follow up study of PERL which were a randomized doubled blind placebo controlled trial with a 3 year treatment of allopurinol/placebo to investigate whether allopurinol slows early function decline in persons with type 1 diabetes and early diabetic kidney disease.

​PERLage is multicentre observational study following the participants from the PERL study.  PERLage allows study of the long-term effects of 3 years of serum uric acid reduction and, more broadly, of the natural history and the determinants of kidney function loss in type 1 diabetes subjects.


  1. To investigate the long-term effects of allopurinol treatment on kidney function in persons with T1D and mild to moderate diabetic kidney disease (DKD),
  2. To study the long-term effects of allopurinol treatment on cardiovascular (CV) and eye complications,
  3. To identify additional clinical and demographic characteristics of persons with T1D that are predictive of regression, stability, or progression of mild to moderate DKD, and
  4. To identify novel serum, urinary, and tissue biomarkers of rates of kidney function loss, progression to ESRD, and eye and cardiovascular co-morbidities or of protection from these events in these subjects.


Joslin Diabetes Center (Boston, USA) and the rest of the PERLage sites in USA and Canada (16 sites in total).

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