​​Family members have important roles in everyday management of diabetes. Problems and challenges are not restricted to the person with diabetes and often affect the whole family.

Furthermore, in families with type 2 diabetes, the rest of the family have a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes themselves.

The study highlights these issues through the following objectives: 

  • To study needs and problem areas in families and among healthcare professionals.
  • To develop methods to generate involvement and action competence in families. 
  • To develop methods to prevent the spread of type 2 diabetes to family members. 
  • To develop methods to develop competences in health care professionals regarding  family involvement.

Design and method

Design based co-creation study including the following phases:

  • Needs assessment
  • Ideation
  • Development
  • Prototype testing
  • Feasibility testing
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation

Target groups

  • Families with at least one case of type 2 diabetes
  • Healthcare professionals

Expected outcomes

  • Improved knowledge about mutual involvement  in families with type 2 diabetes
  • Innovative approaches, tools, methods and/or theories to create positive involvement in families.


The Danish Diabetes Association
The Capital Region
The Region of Southern Denmark

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