​Insulin pump therapy for type 1 diabetes: How to make the most of the technology?

​The overall aim of the Steno Tech project is to improve care for people with type 1 diabetes treated with an insulin pump.

The Steno Tech project includes several sub-projects:

  • Systematic literature reviews
  • In-depth interviews with current and former insulin pump wearers
  • A large-scale questionnaire survey targeted all adults with insulin-pump treated type 1 diabetes in the Capital Region of Denmark
  • Development of personalized therapies
  • A large clinical study of the effectiveness of the newly developed personalized therapies

In the Steno Tech project, user involvement is priotized in all project phases.

The project group includes researchers from Clinical Research, Health Promotion, and the Type 1 Diabetes Clinic at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen and from Nordsjællands Hospital Hillerød.

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