The ADDITION-study

Intensive, multifactorial treatment of people with screen-detected type 2 diabetes (ADDITION-DK trial).
Understanding cardiovascular risk and disease progression among individuals with a high-risk of developing diabetes (ADDITION-PRO).

The ADDITION-DK trial is the Danish arm of the ADDITION study (Anglo-Danish-Dutch Study of Intensive Treatment In People with Screen Detected Diabetes in Primary Care) and consisted of a screening phase for undiagnosed type 2 diabetes with a subsequent trial comparing intensive, multifactorial treatment to routine care. Approximately 160.000 people in Denmark were invited to the screening phase in 2001-06. Around 1,500 were identified with undiagnosed diabetes and were included in the intervention, with a follow-up examination after 5 years, concluding the intervention. At 10 years, study participants were followed up at a clinical examination and using national health registers.

The ADDITION-PRO study ('PRO'=progression) took place in five different hospitals in Denmark in 2009-11 and included individuals who at the ADDITION-DK screening phase in 2001-06 were found to be at elevated risk of diabetes (impaired fasting glucose, IFG and/or impaired glucose tolerance, IGT) and also included a random subset of individuals at low risk of diabetes (NGT). Participants were invited for a clinical examination. The aim was to achieve a better understanding of the cardiovascular risk and disease progression among individuals with a high-risk of developing diabetes.


Aarhus University, Dept. of Public Health. 

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